Brendan Schweda taught English for three years in South Carolina, before returning to his native New York to write.  He currently resides in New York City. Schweda developed a love for storytelling at an early age, while listening to stories spun by his father. Through those interactions, he learned that the most compelling stories are those in which the teller is personally invested, and the audience is able to recognize aspects of themselves in the tale. He is especially drawn to stories wrought from oral tradition, such as myths and folktales, in which archetypal characters endure universal struggles.

LYCAON: The Story of the First Werewolf

Wolf SonsAutographed copies of LYCAON are now available by e-mail request: b.schweda@gmail.com

Written by Brendan Schweda
Illustrated by Liz Emirzian
Edited by Sarah Zar
Layout Design by Matt Williams

In Greek mythology, there is a brief story about an unfortunate encounter between Zeus and King Lycaon, of Arcadia. The meeting ends with Zeus enraged, and Lycaon cursed to become the first werewolf of Western tradition. That myth does not include one of the fundamental characters of time-tested werewolf lore; namely, the moon. After digging through multiple works by ancient Greek writers, I unearthed the possibility for a much more complex, and perhaps quietly guarded, story. Bits and pieces of existing myths were fashioned together for this telling. So, if you recognize portions of what you hear, it is no accident. The rest of the story was fleshed out with my own speculation about details that may have been altered or left unsaid through the years.